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  Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is a technical form of dance. It is also, however, an especially musical and expressive dance style! Physically, ballet helps to develop strength and fitness, flexibility, body awareness and co-ordination.
Classical ballet is also known for the self-discipline, self-confidence and appreciation of the Arts. We strongly encourage all students to consider taking classical ballet, as it provides the technical foundation for our other dance styles. It is also a pre-requisite for some performance opportunities at HPAC.
We are committed to the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) syllabus – a graded, carefully structured programme of the highest standard. The R.A.D. is the world’s largest classical examining/training body and the R.A.D. syllabus includes ballet, free movement and character dance.
  Performance Opportunities
HPAC students may take part in a number of performances throughout the year. We generally commit to two eisteddfods (competitions) – these include our local eisteddfod and one away competition as well as the end of year ballet production and end of year variety concert. There are, from time-to-time additional opportunities to perform in select regional community events. Performances are an exciting and beneficial aspect of theatrical experience, but they do place additional commitments, and some additional costs upon students and their families- and therefore extra performances are not for everyone.
Modern Jazz derives inspiration from popular culture. This style of dance is often seen in music video clips, and contains elements of street dance, hip-hop, salsa and musical theatre. Jazz classes include a jazz work out and performance work, which may be entered in eisteddfods or performed community events. These classes are open to all students whether they wish to take ballet classes or not and are structured accordingly.
We strongly recommend that all students consider taking a ballet class.
  Contemporary Dance
Contemporary dance has balletic underpinnings but represents a relaxation of the structures of classical dance. At HPAC we teach the foundation of Martha Graham technique, which has the ability to strengthen and stretch students with heightened body awareness.
Tap is a great workout! It’s fabulous for fitness, co-ordination and rhythmic awareness – and its loads of fun.
At HPAC we teach the CSTD syllabus (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing), and offer classes from four years of age. Students will be preparing an eisteddfod /Concert dance as well as exam work.
  Hip Hop
Hip Hop includes ‘breaking’, ‘Locking’, and ‘Popping’ which were developed in the 1970’s in America. It is primarily danced to Hip Hop music and can contain lots of improvisation known as ‘freestyling’.
Singing classes are a combination of voice technique, group and solo coaching. Choral works will be rehearsed which may be entered in selected eisteddfod. This will enhance the student’s song and dance performances.
The term ‘Drama’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘action’. This is an action packed class with a warm up and plenty of innovative pieces for the creative students as well as some improvisation exercises.
Pilates is a muscular fitness regime and was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The Pilates method develops controlled movement from a strong core and is particularly beneficial for the young developing body to complement dance technique. At HPAC we offer a mat class with exercises developed for two levels. The junior class from 10 years and the senior class from 13 years of age.

Electric & acoustic  guitar  /  Singing and Performance
Whether  Electric or Acoustic   the studio  will be able to provide   the   skills to get you started  and  to perform with confidence.