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Pre-School Program

Our Tiny Twinkle Toes and Pre-School Classes are designed to engage students at every level.The classes start
 with a warm up and progress into coordination, musical appreciation and the beginning of ballet or Jazz technique
all wrapped up in a fun and interactive class with use of props and percussion instruments. They are creative and fun
 filled a fantastic introduction to the  world of dance

Baby Ballerinas from 2 years

Depending on the age and confidence of your little one parents can sit in
on the class. We usually suggest this until your child is comfortable with
their surroundings and their teacher at which time you can start to wait in our foyer
area and leave the studio so that your child can concentrate on their dancing and
building their trust teacher - student These classes are a story based fun filled half
an hour class where our youngest students discover coordination, balance, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Tiny Twinkle Toes  from 3.5 years

Our Tiny Twinkle Toes Classes are the progression from Baby Ballerinas. The classes are theme or story
 based and start with a warm up and include musical appreciation and the start of ballet technique.
More props and percussion instruments are introduced as fine motor skills increase.

Pre-Primary Ballet from 4.5 years

Children at this age are eager to learn and start to grasp the fundamentals
of Ballet easily it also prepares the childrenfor the transition to a school
environment as they are already able to focus on a teacher
and her instructions. They are creative and fun filled a fantastic introduction to the world of Ballet.
We follow the RAD Pre-Primary syllabus in these classe which is structured, age appropriate 
and very engaging. The use of props and inspiring music makes this class very enjoyable
for children of this age

Pre-School Jazz from 3.5 years

 Our Pre-School Jazz classes are upbeat and energetic, they teach all the same fundamental  elements as our ballet classes  but use the Jazz dance technique as a basis for a high energy fun filled class. The music used for these classes is age appropriate

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